FREE Bereavement Support

CSMA Birmingham provide FREE Bereavement Support to all communitees in West Midlands. We provide advisory support with step-by-step instructions for dealing with deaths at home and the hospital. We help in Rapid Release, Digital Autopsy Scans and try our best for quick burials. We help from start to finish.

Download our Bereavement Support Process (What to do when someone dies)

FREE Funeral Service

CSMA Birmingham provide Funeral Service to all Muslim Community in West Midlands. For the Needy we provide a FREE Muslim Funeral Service (Ghusl, Kafn, Coffin and Transportation). For other faiths as long as it is burial we can work with organisations to provide the burial.

Our funeral service will cover:

* Assisting the family with Hospital, GP, Coroner
* Pick up of the deceased from either home or hospital
* Ghusl (washing and shrouding of the deceased)
* Transfer of the deceased after Ghusl to the home or mosque
* Salaatul Janaazah at the cemetery or the mosque
* Burial of the deceased

For those who can afford to pay for the Funeral Service we charge a fee which helps us fund the Free Funeral Service for the Needy. To view the stand Funeral Service cost please click here to download the price list.

Download our Funeral Service Form

Muslim Burial Fund

We try our best to help the needy families to cover the cost of the funerals as not everyone can afford it especially those with no legal status and Muslim reverts who have no family support. Therefore we have setup a Muslim Burial Fund to support the needy members of the Muslim community. We have supported many individuals with burial support.

CSMA Birmingham carefully assesses the individual needs and offers advice with grants, loans and raising money. We help in burial planning and if possible we contribute towards the burial for those who eligible for Zakat or who have no family support.

On average, a funeral costs £3,000 minimum in UK and prices are increasing every year. Prices for funerals in Birmingham and London can range from £4,000 onwards.

The UK Government can help with funeral expenses through the social fund if the applicant is eligible but these funds candelay the burial as it takes between 4 to 8 weeks to process the application. Furthermore the family members who apply on behalf of the deceased must be on benefits.

Download the Muslim Burial Fund leaflet

Download the Muslim Burial Fund Form

At CSMA Birmingham we do not charge for our services, we do it all for free.

Download the Funeral-Project leaflet

Statutory Decleration Form for Muslims

Download a copy of Statutory Decleration Form Muslim (CSMA Birmingham) The document is a declaration of the person being a Muslim as we have come across a few cases where a revert brother or sister have accepted Islam but not changed their name on paperwork and their are still known as a non-Muslim and at their time of death they have gone through a non-Muslim burial or cremation.

This document is a legal document which once signed is a proof which can be used for a Muslim Burial.

We CSMA Birmingham will be a witness and get this legal document processed at our cost through our panel of Solicitors. So for the individual there would be no cost to pay.

Donate today and get a lifetime of sawab (reward) by helping a brother or sister at their time of death or their time of need. (Lillah and Sadaqah Nafl only).

You can setup a monthly standing order of £5 minimum by using the bank details below:

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For reference, please use “Free Funeral Project” and also email us your name and contact details to

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For more information please email or call us on 07423 286 421.