Food Bank

CSMA Birmingham work with other charitable organisations such as “Unite in Virtue” for the Food Banks. We are committed to helping the hungry, providing hope for those facing hardship and working together to build and sustain more positive communities. To achieve this, we offer a variety of different services.

Millions of people live below the poverty line in the UK with individuals going hungry for various reasons, from benefit delays to higher living expenses.

On average, we feed more than 200 people every weekend at our food banks in Birmingham.

With the help of our volunteers we cook, collect, sort and distribute food to those in need, as well as lend a listening ear to support them. There are some families who cannot attend our Food Banks we deliver Food Parcels to them too.

Our volunteers take time out of their busy schedule to cook hot meals, sandwiches, snacks and provide water, along with warm clothing, blankets and sleeping bags that have been donated. We also hand them out to the homeless and distribute food to whoever is in need of it.

We prepare a menu and organise a schedule with those who wish to volunteer at each food bank, up to six months in advance.